Vertical, horizontal and square vacuum system integration

  • 12-8 立式、卧式、方形真空系统集成


Single chamber or double chamber intermittent vacuum equipment is not suitable for mass production because of its low efficiency, high energy consumption, high cost and small output. In order to overcome the above shortcomings and meet the needs of modern industrial mass production, the company has researched and developed the key technical problems of continuous vacuum equipment on the basis of developing single chamber and double chamber intermittent vacuum equipment for many years

With careful design, we have successfully developed multi chamber continuous vacuum equipment and space vacuum lock.


This type of product is a fully automatic, pipelined, multi chamber, mechatronic vacuum equipment with novel structure, simple operation, advanced performance and reliable operation. Multi chamber continuous vacuum equipment is composed of feeding room, preheating room, working room, cooling room, discharging room, vacuum lock between rooms (which can be designed and manufactured according to the substrate size), vacuum system, workpiece transfer system, water cooling system, electric control system, etc. Due to the use of modular design, according to the needs of users can be arbitrarily combined into seven room, five room, three room different scale and different forms of production line, to meet the needs of different sizes of production.

12-8 立式、卧式、方形真空系统集成

12-8 立式、卧式、方形真空系统集成


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