Horizontal vacuum chamber system integration

  • 12-7 卧式(吊挂平移式大门)真空腔体系统集成


Vacuum chamber size range: 2500-4000mm

Gate drive mechanism: Electric

Gate locking mechanism: Pneumatic

Undertake the development and design of vacuum chambers of various specifications and models, and customize them according to the drawings. Design and manufacture various vacuum chambers and vacuum unit integration for high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum applications. Products strictly comply with the relevant standards, and the implementation of raw material inspection, processing online testing, semi-finished product testing and finished product factory testing, for non-standard customized products and customer joint inspection and acceptance; It should be specially pointed out that all joints, welds and flange joints of the vacuum chamber can pass the strict X-ray flaw detection and helium mass spectrometer leak detector leak test, and the leak rate of the whole system is tested, and the system leak rate is better than 8.0 * 10-8pa.l/s


Winding equipment, environment simulation, vacuum coating, vacuum furnace, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum freeze sublimation drying, vacuum distillation.

12-7 卧式(吊挂平移式大门)真空腔体系统集成

12-7 卧式(吊挂平移式大门)真空腔体系统集成


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