Super large high vacuum plate valve (electric) carbon steel

  • 5-1 超大型高真空插板阀(电动)碳钢


The valve is driven by electric motor and has two proprietary technologies. It has the advantages of smooth operation, small impact vibration, reliable use, good sealing performance and long service life. It is mainly used in military industry and other fields. The valve is driven by three-phase asynchronous motor or variable-frequency motor, which is connected with the reducer. The output shaft of the reducer is connected with the screw rod through the coupling, and moves along the axial direction with the driving body. The driving body is connected with the valve plate through the swing rod, so as to realize the opening and closing action of the valve.


• Multi swing rod evenly distributed support structure is adopted to reduce the impact vibration and noise of valve opening;

• The reverse movement mechanism with support can realize sealing under reverse pressure;

• The dynamic seal is sealed with star shaped fluororubber ring, with small air leakage rate and reliable sealing;

• The valve body adopts internal welding, with small leakage rate.

• Frequency conversion braking technology, good braking effect and small impact

5-1 超大型高真空插板阀(电动)碳钢

5-1 超大型高真空插板阀(电动)碳钢


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