Vacuum baffle charging valve (pneumatic) aluminum

  • 4-6 真空挡板充气阀(气动)铝


The valve is pneumatically driven, with reasonable structure design, beautiful appearance, smooth operation, small volume, reliable use, good sealing performance and long service life. The valve is mainly installed at the air inlet of the mechanical pump. The power supply and the motor of the mechanical pump are connected on the same circuit. The opening and stop of the pump are synchronized with the switch of the valve. When the mechanical pump is powered off, the valve can automatically close the vacuum pumping system and fill the air into the pump cavity to avoid pump oil countercurrent and polluting the vacuum system. It is one of the preferred valves for vacuum equipment automation. The valve uses compressed air or electromagnetic force as the executive force to drive the valve plate to open. In case of power failure, the valve plate will close automatically by spring force. The medium of the valve is air and non corrosive gas.


• Standard modular design, easy to replace and maintain;

• Easy to clean design;

• When the valve is closed, only a small amount of gas is filled into the vacuum chamber;

4-6 真空挡板充气阀(气动)铝

4-6 真空挡板充气阀(气动)铝


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