Electromagnetic high vacuum flapper valve (aluminum)

  • 2-4 电磁高真空挡板阀(铝)


The valve is electromagnetic drive mode, which has the advantages of reasonable structure design, beautiful appearance, stable operation, small volume, reliable use, good sealing performance and long life. It is one of the first choice valves for vacuum equipment. The valve is powered by the electromagnetic force generated by the coil, and connected with the valve plate through the mechanism, which drives the valve plate to open and close. Non corrosive gas of the valve.


• Standardized and modular design, easy to replace and maintain;

• Easy to clean design;

• The electromagnetic valve adopts energy-saving design, and the volume is small;

Main performance index

• Scope of application: 1 × 10-5a~1.2 × 105Pa

• Differential pressure on valve plate when opening: ≤ 1.2 × 105a

• Leakage rate of valve body and valve seat: < 1.3 × 10-7Pa·L·s-1

• First maintenance cycle: 200000 times

• Baking temperature of valve body: 80 ℃

• Installation position: KF flange connected to vacuum

• Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz, 15W or DC 24V, 6w (special specifications can be customized)

• Valve opening or closing time: ≤ 0.5s

2-4 电磁高真空挡板阀(铝)

2-4 电磁高真空挡板阀(铝)


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