Ultra high vacuum gate valve (manual)

  • 5 超高真空插板阀(手动)


The valve is a manual drive mode, reasonable in structure design, beautiful in appearance, and has the advantages of stable operation, small volume, reliable use, good sealing performance and long life, and can be widely used in ultra-high vacuum equipment. The valve is powered by hand turning handle, and the connecting rod mechanism is pushed (pulled) by the transmission rod, and the drive body moves along the axial direction with the drive body. The drive body is connected with the valve plate through swing bar or steel ball to complete the opening and closing action of valve plate. The medium of the valve is air and non corrosive gas.


• The shaft seal can be selected from bellows seal and fluororubber seal, and the other seals are fluororubber without lubricant;

• The valve body is welded in stainless steel with small leakage rate;

• The valve body adopts stiffener structure, with small volume, light weight and beautiful appearance;

• Double guide rail bearing roller mechanism is adopted for smooth movement; Valve plate integral structure, uniform support force.

5 超高真空插板阀(手动)

5 超高真空插板阀(手动)


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